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Remotely monitor your equipment from anywhere!


Operating a business efficient, yet cost effective is challenging. There's plenty to worry about without having to expend precious (and costly) human resources to manually monitor things that could be automated.  Monitor My Equipment offers an easy-to-use, remote monitoring solution for those who need to instantly know when a problem starts. Our system offers alerts via SMS text messaging and email when a specific condition is met. With our system it's easy to keep track of temperatures, even when you're not there. Our web based access and mobile applications make it simple, efficient, and effective to monitor your equipment 24/7.

Benefits with monitoring:

Increased Efficiencies

Increase your staff efficiencies by eliminating "verify and report".


Measurable ROI

Get notified of problems before they become real issues. Monitoring will allow you to be notified when the temperatures start to drop rather than having your customers be the one to notify you of when there is no hot water. Getting to the problem faster allows you to fix them before they even occur. Save money by not reimbursing customers for simple no hot water break downs.


Operate Safely

Get notified of excessive hot water temperatures being sent to your guests. Eliminate the possibility of scalding your customers with extreme temperatures. If your gas valve or thermostat stays open on your boiler or hot water heater, it can go unnoticed. Our system will alert you if temperatures rise above a safe threshold and prevent scalding your guests.


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