Taco 006-SC4-1

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1" 1/40 HP, 115V, STAINLESS STEEL UNION MPT CIRCULATOR PUMP Taco pump with stainless steel housing and 1-1/4" union connections on both inlet and outlet. Taco 006-SC4-1 model circulator pump is designed for circulating hot or chilled fresh water in open or closed loop applications. Common uses include radiant and hydronic heating, chilled water cooling, domestic hot water systems, hydro-air heating/cooling, heat recovery units, water source heat pumps, drain down open loop solar systems and potable water applications.

Taco 006-SC4-1 Circulator Pump features a unique replaceable cartridge which allows for easy service, instead of replacing the entire circulator. This Taco pumps is compact, direct-drive, features low power consumption and is ideal for high-efficiency jobs.

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