All  Cleaners & Chemicals!

All  Cleaners & Chemicals!

All  Cleaners & Chemicals!

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Refrigerant Sale!

We now have your refrigerant in stock.  At competitive prices and lower than that offered by the competitors. Sales price is not guaranteed and can change at anytime.

R-410A has replaced the R-22 as the preferred refrigerant for use in residential and light commercial air-conditioning and heat pump systems.  It has a higher cooling capacity than R-22 and is significantly higher in pressure.  R-410A was not designed to retrofit existing R-22 systems and should be used only in systems specifically designed for R-410A.  

R-407C compared to R-438 family of gases:

Here is some information I would like to share with you, regarding the differences between R-407C and M099 (R-438).  It has been tested and proven the R-407C in the presence of 50% POE oil will closer emulate R-22 than any other replacement gas in the market.  Typcially, when contractors evaluate a replacement gas for R-22 they take many issues into consideration, the top five issues in importance are:

1. Oil return to the compressor, 2. Capacity loss, 3. Pressures, 4. System component changes

A wild card would be cost.  Although, all replacement gases cost less than R-22, which one offers the best value.  A value is defined as getting more than what you paid for.

Call us and get your refrigerant today, special deals on 4 or more at time of purchase.


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